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How to Draw a Dump Truck


A dump truck is a specialized truck used to dump materials ranging from mud, rocks, sand to garbage. Equipped with a hinged bed and hydraulically operated, a dump truck empties the contents of its tray on the ground without any manual labor. It is an indispensable part of any construction work site. In the United Kingdom and Australia, a dump truck is referred to as tipper lorry and tip truck.
Required Art Tools
1. Pencil
2. Paper/ canvas
3. Colors (optional)
4. Paint brush (optional)
5. Ruler
Drawing a Dump Truck: We are considering a profile view with the front of the truck facing towards the left.
Outline: Draw a slightly angled horizontal line according to the dimensions of the truck you are drawing. Longer the truck, the longer will be the line.

• Engine: Draw a small square above the horizontal line for the front portion of the truck.
• Cab/Body: Form a tall rectangle, touching the right side of the square. This will depict the driver's seating area and the door.
• Dump tray/Bed: Draw a horizontal line over the head of the cab. Extend it further with a vertical line running along the back of the cab, finally meeting the base horizontal line. Draw a long rectangular box for the dumping tray.
• Tires
• Front: Erase the lower right corner of the square made for the engine and draw an arc or 'C' shaped line to accommodate the tires. Sketch a circle for the tire. Draw another two closely spaced smaller circles inside the bigger one. Form a semi-circle for the right front tire.
• Rear: Draw two rounds at the rear end of the dumping tray. Place two more closely spaced smaller circles within the bigger one.
• Grill: Draw a square with rounded edges. Place closely spaced horizontal lines.
• Bumper: Right below the grill, draw a broad rectangle for the front bumper. It should be slightly angled, since it's a side profile we are drawing. Extend the bumper by forming another rectangle that will end just before the arc above the front tires.
• Fenders: Fenders frame the front wheels of a vehicle. Therefore, right above the arc of the front tire, draw another arc. Give it some dimension.
• Headlights: A dump truck has four lights. Draw two square shapes next to the fender and another two on the front bumper.
• Windshield: Draw a large rectangular shape.
• Side Window: Draw a square shape for the pillion's window.
• Door: Below the side window, sketch a square with a small black rectangle for its doorknob.
• Step: Give the truck a step right below the door. Draw a rectangle with rounded edges and attach it to the cab using a straight line.
• Side Mirrors: Form two long rectangles on the either side of the windshield and attach it to the cab using two 'L' shaped lines.
• Wheel Hubs: Draw a small oval in the centre of the wheel and attach it to the tire using two curved lines on each side.
• Dumping Tray: Sketch a three dimensional rectangular bed over the head of the cab. Ensure this is attached to the dumping tray so that it looks like a rectangle with a protruding lift lid. You can also give the tray a pattern - draw thick vertical or zigzag lines.
• Gas Tank: Give it a gas tank at the base, right at the starting section of the dumping tray.
• Inner Tires: A dump truck has huge wide tires. Add additional curves to bring out the magnanimity of the tires.
• Mud Flaps: At the end of the rear tires, draw a rectangle almost touching the base of the dumping tray. Draw a few vertical lines on it.
After comprehensively incorporating all the features of the dump truck, bring out the beauty and authenticity of your dump truck by giving it appropriate shades and textures. Enjoy the experience!

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